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Dalanten Hope

Dalanten Hope

Postby Penguiduck » June 16th, 2011, 9:22 pm

I've been putting a lot of thought into Jaharaan Love's partner series, Dalanten Hope. The title still might change, but I'm thinking that there's an 80% chance I'm going to stick with that.

I'm really excited for it, just fyi. XD I've gotten the chance to do some art for it, so I don't have to go picture hunting (which is kind of a tedious job for me since I'm really picky) and people won't have any previous biases about models from various animes or games.

Below is a bit of a teaser, I suppose. I wrote it for a roleplay that I was going to host, but due to time constraints I never had the chance. The reader will play the role as the Destined One. Hopefully I'll be able to make it so that it's not to cliched.

"Imagine a world in which music rules the fate of all. A single note, if well versed, can outplay a swordsman’s blade. Yet, there is also a voice that was prophesized to destroy the earth. This voice, this single voice, is guarded jealously by the church and the bishop, who oversees all religious activities. He and his disciples have a plan, a plan which has the potential to overturn the world and undermine the light of the lands.

All those who have opposed have been silenced. The blood runs red but the population does not yet understand why so many lives have been lost. When whispers of this reach the Great King Aruthos, he summons his most capable army, the elusive yet powerful Master Generals. They stand at a total of six: Master Warrior, Master Tactitian, Master Magician, Master Stealth, Master Healer and Master Troubadour. King Aruthos will take no chances, ordering that the Master Generals resolve this issue before more blood is spilled.

However, the bishop has power, power which rivals that of the King himself. He will continue to fight to hold his position among the people, secretly plotting, scheming...

Meanwhile, the Destined One travels. The Master generals argue amongst themselves-- what to do with the Destined One? Should they silence her so that her voice may never be used for the evils of the bishop? Should they guard her and risk the chance of her being found by evil again? Should they hold and await a clearer path? The answer lies in mist.

With the Destined One forming her own ideas, with the King's greatest generals quarreling, with the bishop gathering his forces, what hopes do the people of Dalanteh have of restoring the peace of the land?"

I won't be putting much more effort into Dalanten Hope until Jaharaan Love is finished, but I thought I'd just let you know what I'm up to. ^_^ I'm linking to two art pieces of the two characters that the reader will get to know first.

Ruvieren, Master Tactician

Kerth, Master Magician and a love interest

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Feel free to post them here. I will answer.
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