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Featured Stories for April

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Featured Stories for April

Postby crazydominodragongirl » March 1st, 2011, 9:04 pm

Copy/paste, I can do it. Theme is birthdays.



-You cannot nominate your own story for featured.
-Only nominate one story.
-If an author has written something that has already been nominated for this coming month, please don't nominate one of their stories again.
-If a story has already been a featured story in the past, do not nominate it again.
-If you nominate, please make sure to include the author's name, and the category/link to the story itself will save me trouble later~


-Nominations will be open all month. At the end of the month, six submissions will be drawn out of a (metaphorical and probably virtual) hat and those will be the featured stories.
-There will be no more than one featured story from a given category every month. For example, if the first story drawn from the metaphorical, virtual hat is a Naruto fanfiction, all other nominated Naruto stories are removed from the remaining pool of entries... if that makes sense. "Original" counts as one category.

Questions/comments/complaints/nominations go here.
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