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Suggestions for Features and Challenges

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Suggestions for Features and Challenges

Postby Kerrigan Sheehan » April 28th, 2012, 5:10 am


What is this for?
We're looking for new ideas for featured story themes and monthly challenge themes.

Because the mods need some new ideas every so often.

Do I have to be validated to suggest one?
Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome to suggest, even those who haven't posted any stories.

What do I do?
Copy the form in the box below, fill it out, and post it on this thread.

Code: Select all
 [b]Luna username:[/b] (so we can credit you)
[b]Idea: [/b]
[b]Feature, Challenge, or Either: [/b]

What are the requirements?
  • It can't be specific to one fandom, so you can't submit something like "Write me a Star Trek story" or "Write 10 KHR Drabbles." Suggesting something like "Gaming Month," "Write a Poem about ______," or "Original Fiction and Nonfiction" is absolutely fine, though.
  • It's going up on the main page, so it has to be non-explicit. We're not going to host a lemon challenge, although you can certainly submit lemons for any theme OTHER THAN children's stories or child-appropriate. You also can't use explicit descriptions or language in your prompt.
  • If you're suggesting a challenge, you can suggest a SHORT LIST of NO MORE THAN TEN words to be used. NO "100 Themes" type prompts will be allowed. (It has to *fit* on the main page.)
  • We only need to see a nomination ONCE. It's entirely unnecessary to suggest the same thing again or to second someone else's idea. This just causes clutter. If you think something that was submitted is entirely inappropriate, don't shout it out in the thread. PM a mod instead, and we'll address your concerns. If there's something we did in the past (other than our annual "best of the year") that you really want to see done again, feel free to suggest it.
  • We're not necessarily going to use all of them. We won't necessarily do them in order, either. We could run two at a time or combine them. Reasons for something being disqualified vary from it being inappropriate to us not thinking there will be enough nominations/submissions for it to be worth running it. It is not personal.
  • Don't get too hopeful about seeing your featured story suggestion in January. We really, really like "best of the year" for January. All other months are completely open, and all monthly challenges are completely open.

Past Featured Story Theme Examples:
  • Under-Appreciated Stories (less than x reviews)
  • Small Categories (stories from categories with less than x submissions)
  • Romance
  • Unconventional/Forbidden Romance
  • Non-Romance
  • OF
  • AU
  • Non-RI (OC and canon-only stories)
  • Crossovers
  • Collaborations (Round Robins and Co-Authored Fics)
  • Real-World (stories that could actually happen)
  • Kid-Friendly (rated "All" or "Youth")
  • Unhappy Endings
  • Doom
  • War
  • Music
  • Sweets
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Re: Suggestions for Features and Challenges

Postby Miss Chocobo » May 2nd, 2012, 8:53 pm

Luna username: Miss Chocobo
Idea: Phone conversation
Feature, Challenge, or Either: Challenge, I suppose, but it could work for either.

Is it okay to just submit a whole bunch of them in one post? xD Or do I have to post multiple times?
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Re: Suggestions for Features and Challenges

Postby Mrs_Anonymous » June 17th, 2012, 2:44 am

Luna username: Mrs_Anonymous
Idea: The Apocalypse. Specifically for December 2012. Because, y'know, that's when the world is supposed to end, right?
Feature, Challenge, or Either: I guess it could be either? I don't really know the difference...whatever the mods thinks is best?

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Re: Suggestions for Features and Challenges

Postby Kerrigan Sheehan » June 17th, 2012, 12:05 pm's perfectly fine to suggest a whole bunch in one post. (I totally missed that question when the forums went down...)
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Kerrigan Sheehan
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Re: Suggestions for Features and Challenges

Postby dark_wing19 » June 28th, 2012, 9:38 pm

Luna username: dark_wing19
Idea: Recreate your favorite fairytale.
Feature, Challenge, or Either: Either

Idea: Penpals
Feature, Challenge, or Either: Either

Idea: Being Courageous
Feature, Challenge, or Either: Challenge

Idea: Coming of Age (as in, we see how a character grows and changes as the story progresses)
Feature, Challenge, or Either: Feature

Idea: Dear Diary...(It can be a retelling of something that happened in history, much like The Diary of a Young Girl, or a different character's (reader/oc/etc) perspective in a story. It just has to be in diary format)
Feature, Challenge, or Either: Either
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