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Postby crazydominodragongirl » July 31st, 2010, 10:27 am

LAST UPDATED: 1/19/11. Belated active modlist update.

If you have a question, you can usually find the answer in one of three places:

A) The announcements from the past few months. Look at the front page of the site, and if necessary, the news archives for a little bit back.
B) The comments on the announcements from the past few months. Just skim them.
C) The forums. The newest page or two in Information Desk or The Archive should have answers to the most commonly-asked questions, if you can access them.

Before you make a new thread on the forums, or comment on the announcements, or e-mail a mod, please make an honest effort to check these three places! You will usually find an answer within five or ten minutes. If you do not, then feel free to ask.

Now, for your edification, a quick list of commonly asked questions and bugs.

1. My story keeps getting deleted from the queue and I don't know why/I'm not getting a no letter.
Short answer: stories get deleted from the queue because they have errors (usually spelling/verb tense/put punctuation at the end of every sentence, please/break stories into paragraphs where there are supposed to be paragraphs) or because they break rules (don't submit more than one chapter of the same story to the queue at a time).
Long answer: Sometimes the mods forget to send a no letter, though I think this rarely happens. Sometimes your e-mail provider eats the message in transit or it gets sent to your spam folder. Sometimes, and possibly most commonly, the site just fails at sending the letter, or it gets sent as a blank e-mail. Some of us have taken to directly e-mailing letters instead of sending through the site, though, so this should happen less often.
Fix? Well, since it was deleted, it has mistakes, and so you should edit your story: spellcheck is good, beta-readers are often better. If you really don't know where to start, and it's a recurring problem, beta-readers are, once again, a good option, or you can e-mail a mod, explain that you don't know why your story was deleted, and ask for some feedback. If you get a blank letter, replying to that will get you in contact with the mod who looked over your story and you can get the reasons from them directly.

2. My story has been sitting in the queue for fifty years. Why isn't it moving?
Short answer: stories sit in the queue if they are borderline and we don't know what to do with them.
Long answer: ...stories sit in the queue if we're not sure whether or not they should be approved, if they should be denied but we don't know what to write in the no letter, or if there are over nine thousand stories already in the queue and the mods are too busy to go through them all. Really, you can't do anything about the last one, except that if your story is of really good quality it generally gets validated quickly whether or not there are nine thousand others.
Fix? Once again, edit your story! If you think it's been there for a while, there are probably some problems, and fixing those means that it will get validated faster. Not-fix? Asking "why is my story still sitting in the queue?" Really, it's tiresome to hear over and over again, and you'll just get the standard answer of "mods are busy and there are like 300 others waiting to be validated." Also, in the past, it hasn't been uncommon for some stories to wait more than a month, depending on quality, though... we generally try to approve faster than that.

3. I want to become a validated author. How do I do so?
Short answer: Contact one of the mods, by e-mail or PM, post in the announcement comments, or post here on the forums. Make sure you include your username and some way of getting back to you, generally that the e-mail associated with your account works and you check it regularly.
Long answer: You can request to be validated if you have five validated submissions AND at least 5,000 words total written. If any of your submissions have been denied in the past two months, or if it hasn’t yet been two months since you last requested validation, you can’t ask again. Author validations will be stricter than story validations. Two of the mods will decide whether or not you will be validated. If they are in agreement, then that decision will stand (you will be validated or your validation request will be rejected). If not, then a third mod will come in as tiebreaker. You will be contacted privately with the decision, including suggestions for improvement. If you aren’t validated, you can ask again in a couple months.

4. I have a featured story, but my ribbon disappeared!
Short answer: It's a bug that happens when you edit your main story information (ie, summary, rating, characters, etc..)
Long answer: It's a bug. :D In the event that you have a featured story, or previously-featured story, and your featured ribbon mysteriously disappears, it is most likely because you changed something on that story's main page (ie summary, characters, rating). This is a bug, it should not happen, and since you have to ask a mod to get the ribbon back anyway, you will not be beheaded for asking. Just know that this is WHY it happens, and if you drop a note, I or someone else will gladly give your ribbon back. <3

5. The "Contact Us" button isn't working. How do I get in contact with a mod?
Short answer: It's another bug. Just e-mail one of us directly.
Long answer:'s a bug? Your best bet would be going to the profile of one of the mods (not Sally) and using the Contact Us option on their profile; a number also have publicly viewable e-mails for this purpose. A short list of active mods who are okay with being contacted:

Sharp Shiny Pickle

We also recently got four new mods! Feel free to pester them with questions and the like, though keep in mind that categories/characters and author validations are mostly handled by the older mods, who have full mod powers.

Kerrigan Sheehan

6. I want to help make Lunaescence better. Are you accepting moderator applications?
Short answer: No, but if you find any issues with the site (that don't involve fixing coding) or have any problems, e-mail one of the mods.
Long answer: We recently got four new mods, so it's unlikely that moderator applications will be opening again anytime soon -- if they do, it will be a quick re-screen of those who made it to the last round the last time we had mod applications. We know that there are some stories that don't quite meet quality standards, so if you have any issues with them, or experience any bugs other than those listed here, please shoot one of us an e-mail! We'll look into it and do what we can.

If anyone else has anything to add, please do so.
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Re: Site and Forum FAQs~

Postby crazydominodragongirl » August 3rd, 2011, 11:36 pm

This gets it own post for being IMPORTANT.

In the site FAQ and in those categories, it is mentioned that Lunaescence does not allow truly explicit Harry Potter fanfiction or real-person fiction with any sexual content, due to potential legal issues. As this is listed on the site proper, this implies that these rules have been in place for some time. Posting such stories is against the rules, and pending further mod discussion, these rules may soon be enforced. This is a warning; stories that break these rules may be removed from the archive. Before that, though, we'll e-mail the affected authors and give them some time to edit their stories or take whatever measures are appropriate.

Regarding explicit Harry Potter fanfiction.
Icon usually made by me. crazydominodragongirl = DG. Just call me that; it's shorter and easier to type. Don't wait for permission or anything.

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Posts: 1641
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