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2014 fic updates

2014 fic updates

Postby mangamaniac48 » February 15th, 2014, 3:47 am

All updates. Here is progress.

Updating regularly
1. Infinities and Beyond
2. Primadonna Girl
3. Detective and Officer

Semi hiatus
1. Eh? Aa, sou.
2. Love Doll
3. The Taming of the Shrew

Erratic updates
1. I heart you, Blazblue
2. MAGIcal
3. Petal by Petal
4. Smooth Criminal (erring onto hiatus purely because of lost files... but I wanna continue!!)

1. Look the Other Way
2. Oxymoron
3. Cosplay Party

Mostly hiatus
2. A love that is falsely reciprocated
3. Cleanliness
4. LO and behold, a KItty (I want to write more though sobs)
5. The Dragon and the Salamander

Soon to finish
1. Shoujo Beat (44/50 chapters)
2. When Love Goes Wrong (15 chapters) COMPLETED
3. Tarot Fate (1/7 Chapters completed)
4. (Asian) Boys Over Flowers (13/17)
5. The Heat is KILLING me! (2/5 chapters completed)

1. The Genius and Mediocrity

Deleted, may be rewritten
1. Ikebukuro Itunes
2. Mafia Melodies
3. Shinigami Songs
4. A Bizarre Love Triangle
5. A hundred grains of sand

1. Ah Sensei!
2. Surviving the Amazing Race
3. This Thing Called Love (deleted)

1. A Thousand Drops of Oil
2. Ad Libitum
3. And She Was Like a Rolling Star
4. Dreams of a Bestselling Novel
5. This is it
6. When he was in down under
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